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RISC-V Bitmanip Extension

RISC-V Bitmanip Extension

Document Version 20190305-Base-Ratification

Editor: Claire Wolf
Symbiotic GmbH

Contributors to all versions of the spec in alphabetical order (please contact editors to suggest corrections): Jacob Bachmeyer, Allen Baum, Ari Ben, Alex Bradbury, Steven Braeger, Rogier Brussee, Michael Clark, Ken Dockser, Paul Donahue, Dennis Ferguson, Fabian Giesen, John Hauser, Robert Henry, Bruce Hoult, Po-wei Huang, Ben Marshall, Rex McCrary, Lee Moore, Jiří Moravec, Samuel Neves, Markus Oberhumer, Christopher Olson, Nils Pipenbrinck, Joseph Rahmeh, Xue Saw, Tommy Thorn, Avishai Tvila, Andrew Waterman, Thomas Wicki, and Claire Wolf.

This document is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

RISC-V Bitmanip Extension V 20190305-Base-Ratification

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