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In the previous post I added a fork of the RISC-V ISA simulator. In this post you can see how it can be used.

The source code for this example is on github, here:

This small program handles the mie, msi, mti and trap interrupts and updates some global variables when interrupts occur.


The main.c program sets up a vectored interrupt handler and a 1Mhz machine timer interrupt. Each time the core wakes from wfi it calls ecall to trigger the exception handler. Various global variables are updated inside of the interrupt handlers so the status can be observed.

// Global to hold current timestamp, written in MTI handler.
static volatile uint64_t timestamp = 0;

// Some variables that can be traced and be of interest
static volatile uint8_t count_123 = 0;
static volatile uint64_t wakeup_count = 0;
static volatile uint64_t ecall_count = 0;

// Count each interrupt
static volatile uint32_t mti_count = 0;
static volatile uint32_t msi_count = 0;
static volatile uint32_t mei_count = 0;

The run_sim.cmd sets up a trace for the global variables and asserts the mei and msi interrupts.

e.g. Trace some variables:

trace timestamp
trace count_123
trace wakeup_count
trace mei_count
trace mti_count
trace msi_count
trace ecall_count

e.g. assert interrupts

interrupt 0 raise mei
run 100
interrupt 0 clear mei
run 300
interrupt 0 raise msi
run 10
interrupt 0 clear msi


Running a Simulation

Update and set SPIKE=../../riscv-isa-sim/spike to the path of the RISC-V ISA Simulator.

source ./
vcd2fst vcd-trace.vcd vcd-trace.fst
gtkwave vcd-trace.fst vcd-trace.gtkw


The trace below shows:

Example Trace

In this case you can see clearly an external interrupt mei is entered repeatedly, blocking the CPU as the ISR does not service the external source. This sort of error is hard to see using a debugger, but clear on a waveform trace.

Example Trace