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The User ISA and Privileged ISA have been are converted to HTML from TEX on the upstream repo.

The latest upstream versions have recently been converted to asciidoc, but the legacy versions that were used to generate HTML on this site are converted from the older TEX.

In theory converting tex should be as simple as running a conversion tool such as pandoc or latex2html but without some optimization that gives quite ugly results - in particular for tables and diagrams.

The set of scripts that this blog uses to optimize the pandoc output has been uploaded to A Dockerfile is used to configure a build environment with pandoc and asciidoctor and the other tools used to do the conversion.

A set of static html github pages have been exported here, They HTML is identical, but it lacks the side navigation menu and css style used by this site.

These scripts are also used to create the opcodes.yaml and csr.yaml data files used by the Instruction Quick Reference and CSR Quick Reference on this site.

More info on that will be posted later.